Goethe Institut - Point and Click Web Game: The Painting Has Been Stolen!

Game design freelancers are a dime a dozen. Fabian, on the other hand, was an entire island for us. In particular, he helped us with the animation for the browser-based game commissioned by the Goethe Institute. As big fans of point-and-click adventures, we at Studio Krokodil developed the entire visual concept, such as backgrounds, character designs and the user interface. Within the interactive story (exciting crime story) cut-scenes are also an essential part of the storytelling. Working with a combination of classic 2D cartoon and 2.5D computer animation in Adobe After Effects, we animated the main and secondary characters.

Agency: Pfeffermind

Client: Goethe Institut

Illustration: Manuela Buske

Animation: Maxi Alker, Fabian Bittroff